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Words matter "Good words are worth much, and cost little." - George Herbert

Violence. It’s a word that may just be an idea to you, but for many Americans right now it’s a worry, and a reality. In my hometown earlier this week, a teenager who goes to school with my youngest sister, was arrested for a terroristic threat. This young woman was not in class thankfully when she was arrested. She was found at home. She made the threat over social media where FBI caught it.

But the whole situation makes me sad. A sadness I've been trying to shrug off for several months now due to personal loss. How far gone, lost, alone, or sad does a person have to feel to threaten violence against someone else, often people they may not even really know? Or themselves?

Violence isn’t a new concept for any society, and in the wake of what happened in Florida, I hear many touting political messages on gun control and various other agendas. It seems like when a tragedy happens people turn to one of two things, religion- the lack thereof, or gun control.

This isn’t a blog post on political ideas or religious ones. You have your beliefs, I have mine, and I respect your right to your beliefs be them political or religious.

Instead, I want to take the time to say to the Florida families; I’m very sorry for your loss. I know that words can never bring your loved one back, but my heart is heavy with your pain, your grief.

I also want to say that our words matter. What we say to each other, how we treat each other, matters. As a writer, I hope that my words entertain my readers, but I know that as a reader, someone else’s words crafted the person I am today. Someone else’s words entertained me, pulled me from my reality and showed me worlds that I didn’t know could exist. Sometimes their words taught me about patience, kindness, and love. You can never know the effect your words can have on another person.

Kindness goes a long way. Be kind to each other and share your words. For some of us this is hard, myself included. I’m a writer, but I feel like I have a difficult time connecting with people most of the time.

If you’ve been following my blog, Thank You.


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