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Why Urban Fantasy

When I meet new writers or readers, one of the first things I'm asked is, "what do you write? "

I have a moment when I hesitate to respond, mostly because I'm not sure how the person will react. Will I get that strange face that's a mix of disgust and regret? Or the eye roll?

As an Indie Author it's a little daunting. Like you're somehow a lesser writer for choosing to both Indie publish, and write in a genre like Urban Fantasy (UF). I think that it's because both have gained bad reputations over the last ten or so years. This isn't a shock given the number of people who choose to pursue indie publication.

For UF I believe the problem goes deeper than that. The UF market has been flooded with works that are little more than erotica with supernatural elements like vampires or werewolves. If by all means that's what you're into, great! You've got a lot of material out there to read, but not all Urban Fantasy fits that mold.

As a genre, Urban Fantasy has been around for a long time (think 1950's or longer). While the vampire and werewolf types are certainly popular right now, they by no means define the genre. As an avid reader first and foremost, what I love about UF is it's ability to blend the magical, and fantastical with everyday life. I believe good Urban Fantasy should do that while telling an entertaining story.

If you're into that kind of story, I highly recommend series like Kevin Hearne's The Iron Druid Chronicles, or Stephen Blackmoore's Eric Carter series. Infact, one of my favorite lines is one of Stephen's from the series. It makes me giggle and nicely sums up what I think UF should be.

Sharpie magic is the best magic.

Can you imagine a necromancer doing sharpie magic on a hello my name is sticker? If you find that amusing then this series is for you.

I hope my own work can do the same for people. Give them a little bit of the fantastical mixed in with everyday life.

I'd love to hear what everyone is reading right now. Please leave me a comment below. Happy reading!

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