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Never take for granted the little things. Even bugs whose nethers light up. Yes, even fireflies. As I drove home the other night I was looking at peoples grass, thinking I needed to cut my own, when I saw a few random lights blink in and out of existence. I wasn't sure if I had seen what I thought I saw, or if my eyes were just overly tired. Then I realized what the little lights were. You guessed it, fireflies. Before you roll your eyes, or think I'm just blonde bear with me.

I quickly felt silly for not realizing what the lights were, then chided myself for feeling silly, and instead got excited. Why get excited over a bug? Well, I realized that yeah, I should let myself be excited. I'm thirty seven, and up to that point had never seen a firefly before.

Yes, never. Not in my backyard as a kid, or camping.

You see, most of the places I've lived the little bugs don't call home. It's either too dry, or they weren't native. And by now you're probably wondering why I'm sharing this little story with you... I'm doing it because it's ok to let yourself get excited over the little things. Even if that means being a little kid again for a few brief moments as you drive and look at the little lights.

As an adult you should never let anyone, including yourself make you feel bad for get excited or enjoying something. Just let it happen, 'cause those moments don't come around often enough.

Happy 4th everyone, I hope you take time out of the day to enjoy the little things with your loved ones.


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