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Fiction meets reality

Have you ever wondered how your favorite author comes up with some of their tales? More often than not it's a matter of inspiration. Take this picture for instance. For those of you not familiar with this particular piece of architecture, It's the Michigan Central Station. Is this creepy or what?

MCS wasn't always an abandoned wonderland though. The building was initially put into service in 1913 to replace the downtown depot that was destroyed by a fire. It remained the city's central passenger depot for many years. You're probably wondering what this building has to do with writing, right?

Well, I'm doing world building for an upcoming novel, and I needed a prison. Most abandoned prisons are older structures, with fantastic architecture. I wanted a building that was both old, and creepy, but couldn't find one that I felt suited my needs (I like to use real places as inspiration) until I remembered MCS. This building will be the inspiration for a prison I'll be writing in. I'd give more info on the matter, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.

A writer's inspiration can be anything from a song, picture, sometimes even people we've met. So be careful. You could wind up as cannon fodder in a novel!

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