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June 2018

The Harrowing


Hell's Spells #1 Follows Aisly Corvax as she tries to keep her nose clean. But with her PO breathing down her neck and an escaped mage on the loose, what's a reforming witch to do? Can prisoner 66669 keep from blowing her chance at redemption, or will she wind up with a new cellmate doing

hard time for something she didn't even do? 

Sept 2018

Hell's Spells #2

This title content is yet to be determined. Check back for updates.



Synder Acker can choose how to die—be hung by fellow survivors, or eviscerated by zombies. Arriving in Tanglewood was supposed to be her sanctuary after months of fighting through zombies in the wastelands of Texas. But with the death of her sponsor, a young girl going missing, and the town doctor using the settlement survivors as Petri dishes for a zombie cure—sanctuary is the last thing Synder will get from Tanglewood.

Time is running out. She has only four days to make her choice, or the town’s council will kick her back out with the dead. If she deserts the community, she’ll save her skin, but leaving the girl to die will make her just as inhuman as the zombies she hates. If she stays and tries to stop the Packard’s and whoever is pulling their strings, she might be next to feel the hangman’s noose. 

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