About Me: 

I'm a Michigan transplant by way of Texas. However, I've learned that some things don't change no matter what your zip code is. So, I'm a Texan.

I've had a love of reading and writing since I was very young. A bibliophile at heart, I don't just love one genre. I love them all. I believe that all you need to be happy is a good book, and maybe a few not so lousy TV shows when you can't get to the library often enough. 


I've been a die-hard Browncoat ever since I saw my first episode of Firefly, and I'm going to apologize now I because I do not doubt that in future blog posts I will probably throw in a few quotes. 


Some of the authors that inspire me are Joe Hill, Neil Gaiman, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Charlaine Harris to name only a few. (Seriously if we talked books you'd be here for hours, and I doubt you've got that kind of time.)


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